What to do to get a flat stomach

Wafatips: Tricks and advice which will help you get the abs you want

Did you ask Santa to bring you a flat stomach ? Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but in order to get this particular present, we have to behave very well all year :). Because getting a flat stomach depends much more on a healthy lifestyle than spending hours doing abs exercises!

Does this mean I can get a perfectly flat and defined stomach without doing any exercise ? No, but many other factors influence this, factors which we can’t ignore. Food, good breathing and even emotional well being determine this area when the time comes to focus on this part of the body.Remember that it’s still possible to have a wobbly belly even if we do half an hour of abs exercises every day!

That’s why I’d like to share my personal experience concerning this area. guidelines which have worked for me and also for the people I train. I’m sure they’ll work for you too for the simple fact that they’re based on common sense and consistency. Remember that there aren’t any miracles to get a top body, but there are a lot of simple little tricks which will work and make the journey easier and more fun

Here are my 3 Wafatips:

  1. Intestinal purification
  2. Nutrition
  3. Programme of exercises

1. Intestinal Purification: Detox recipe to start the day cleaning through your body.

A flat stomach is the result of looking after your insides (the digestive system) as much as your outside (the muscles) That’s why we need to start the day cleaning out our insides, but forget magic potions which are complicated to make and even more difficult to drink ! ! It’s simply a matter of hydrating and, at the same time, of purifying and there’s a great product you can use easily, called ”water and lemon”

Did you know that ‘lemon’ acts as a great detoxifier, prevents kidney stones, supports the immune system and combats constipation? Well those are only a few of the benefits. Imagine how much it will help your body if you drink it every day. What do I do?

  • I mix the juice of one lemon with half a litre of water.
  • I drink it 30 minutes before breakfast.

I assure you that this is the best detoxifier you can take for flavour, price and benefits.

2. Nutrition. Watch out ! Low calorie isn’t synonymous with a flat stomach.

It’s impossible for us to enjoy a flat stomach if we have gas, slow digestion or tummy trouble, constipation or bloating. That’s why we need to watch our nutrition as well as stress and energy levels. These factors depend on more complex factors which we’ll have to work on little by little (sleep hygiene and work or personal circumstances) But choosing what to put in our shopping basket is something easy we can all do. What guidelines have helped me to get a top tummy  ? have a look:

1. Eat spelt bread.

Choosing Spelt bread instead of wheat based bread and other cereal products helps me slim down because it fills me up, it protects me and it provides me with nutrients as well as reducing the volume of my stomach. Find out why and get my recipe for Spelt bread in my post ”my secret to slimming down eating bread

2. Lettuce. Don’t touch it!

Yes, you’ll be thinking that a diet without lettuce is like a car without a windscreen. Well, we all make the mistake of associating supposedly ”slimming” food with losing centimetres from our waistline. In the case of ”lettuce” It’s true that it is very low in calories (18 calories per 100 grams) but it provokes gas, retains water and slows down metabolism. All these factors have terrible consequences for a flat stomach. That’s why I substitute it for green sprouts, other greens and spinach.

3. Avoid dairy intake-

I don’t want to convince anyone that dairy products are good or bad. Remember that I only share my personal experience and in my case I have decided to remove them from my diet because I have checked over time and after different tests have observed that this helps to reduce bloating. That does not mean that I’m lactose intolerant, but it isn’t does not absorbed easily and it ferments in the digestive tract, caising an inflammation that makes me feel bad.

4. Prohibited food and Food advised for a flat stomach.

In general, I try to take good care of my food, so I have developed a list of products that feel terrible and others that, on the contrary, help me to keep it flat.

Foods ❌

  • With a high content of insoluble fiber like legumes with skin, cabbage, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts.
  • Sausages.
  • Gas drinks.
  • Foods with Sorbitol: candies, chewing gum, light or zero drinks.

Foods ✔️

  • White Fish and white meats (including lean pork meat).
  • Foods rich in Omega-3 type EPA: Blue fish.
  • Foods rich in beta-carotene: papaya, mango, carrot, pumpkin.
  • Wheat germ and avocado for its contribution in vitamin E, C, selenium and zinc.
  • Olive oil.
  • Probiotic beverages in substitution of dairy products.
  • Foods that contribute quercetin: onion, apple, red cabbage, broccoli.

3. Exercise programme

Do you know why I’ve left the exercise programme til last ? Because really a flat stomach is achieved with food and a healthy lifestyle. If you do not take care of the first two factors 1,000 abdominals daily won’t help at all. But it is true that a good exercise programme helps activate the muscles of the abdomen (thus protecting the spine and organs) and defining them, bringing the much-desired ‘ abs’ that we all like to have and look at. 😉 My abdomen exercises are all based on the plank and its varieties. You can see how they are done in the following photos and on my Youtube channel

Exercise: Plank for beginners
Exercise: Plank
Exercise: Advanced Plank
Exercise: Advanced Plank
Exercise: Advanced Plank
Exercise: Lateral Plank for beginners
Exercise: Lateral Plank
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