Losing weight in quarantine is possible: up to 4 kilos in two weeks

El cambio de Antonio realizando ayuno intermedio

If you are one of those people who think that having a healthy lifestyle in quarantine or even starting to acquire one is not possible, this post is made for you. It is made to raise awareness that now it is easier for you to find the time to exercise and to plan both your meals and your grocery shopping. In addition to that, it is made for you, who only two weeks ago was experiencing a busy life on a daily basis, committed to everything but yourself.

These days, when we are going through a difficult situation, we cannot forget that there is always ‘an after’. It is time to stop for a second and think carefully what our next step is going to be. Slowly but surely.

As you know, I have been a personal trainer for years. Who does not know a personal trainer nowadays? I dare to ask you another question, who has not watched tutorials or miraculous training videos in the last two weeks on the internet? Put your hand up! 🙋🏼‍♀️

On Saturday 14th March, before the Spanish Government announced the lockdown status for 2 weeks, all my clients had achieved good results. They were committed to themselves to exercise and to have a well-balanced diet suitable for their lifestyles. What were their circumstances? Can they still be resilient when temptation is knocking at their door? The answer is YES, and it is a yes in capital letters. Are we not tech-savvy human beings? My experience on remote training and my clients’ attitude towards it has been key for me to reassure you that YOU CAN DO IT and also HOW to do it.

Being a personal trainer makes me love sports and fitness; after having a go at many diets and supplements, I knew what the ‘magical’ formula was to control appetite and not to fall into the trap of always thinking of eating and snacking between meals. I can tell you that you can even reduce your body fat, increase your muscle mass and have rejuvenated skin. Do you know about intermittent fasting? Miracle diets do not exist but if you want to get quick, great results, keep reading.

Why is intermittent fasting my favourite?

Mainly because it is a way for you not to go hungry and most of the kilos you lose are from your body fat. All of this together with adequate training can make you increase muscle mass because one of the benefits of intermittent fasting is to activate growth hormone, which helps to gain muscle.

16/8 fasting (my favourite and the one I recommend to my clients), is a combination of 16 hours fasting with 8 hours of food intake. It may sound difficult for food lovers; but thinking about it carefully, if we have dinner before 8pm, we would fast overnight and only skip breakfast, as at 8am it would already be 12 hours since we restricted our food intake. That way, at 12am our 16h of fasting would finish and our 8h feeding window would begin. In fasting hours, you can drink water, black coffee, tea and infusions (no sugar). Beginners could start with a 14/10 fasting – 14 hours fasting and 10 hours of food intake – as it would help you to achieve 16/18 easily in a couple of days.

Why do you not go hungry?

One of the benefits from intermittent fasting is that it can control your appetite, as you stop thinking about food and it optimises blood sugar levels – it happens because we are used to an intake of a high quantity of sugar and the aim of this method is to make your body feel more satiated with less amount of sugar.

Why do you lose body fat?

When we are fasting, our level of insulin is reduced and the brain signals to fat cells to release energy packages, or fatty acid molecules, to the bloodstream. In other words, our body starts using the energy stored in the fat cells as it is not receiving any food intake. To achieve even better results, use your last hours of fasting for exercise to burn even more body fat.

What type of food should you eat in your feeding window?

But… Can I eat all I want during the 8h feeding window? You can eat ALL you want, as long as it is real food. Forget about fast food, processed food, sweets… your body needs essential support from natural carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, etc. found in food such as oatmeal, vegetables and meat.

Lastly, I would like to show you a noticeable example of someone who lost weight in quarantine over the period of two weeks, one of which I am very proud of: I introduce to you Antonio’s timeline, the before and after.

Antonio's weight tracking
Antonio's physical change during intermittent fasting in quarantine
Before 75 Kg / After 71Kg

And remember 👉🏻 fasting has many advantages that diets do not have. A diet makes your life difficult while fasting makes it easier; diets are expensive while fasting is free; diets take a lot of time in preparation while fasting saves you time and you can do it wherever.

Should you need more information we can video call and train so you can prove to yourself that you CAN DO IT. Are you ready?

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