About me

I want to get to know you, but first, let me introduce myself

Hi, I’m Wafa.

The best decision I ever made was to dedicate myself in mind, body and soul (pun intended) to sport and exercise. Other great decisions came naturally as a result of pursuing this initial dream. Because wanting something doesn’t mean it will be easy to achieve , but it’s the first rung of a ladder that we all need to climb. The ladder of personal growth.

I’m Morroccan

I was born in Morrocco 41 years ago. There, I learned, as a very small child, that often, we are required to fit in with other people’s ideas of who we are, to do what is expected of us, to fulfill other people’s dreams instead of our own, to compare ourselves with other people and to envy other people’s bodies, other people’s lives.

Being born female meant that I lost my freedom

I’d be lying if I said I had an unhappy childhood. I’m the youngest of 9 children and I have the scent of Morroccan spices suffused through my DNA, the joy of playing in the street engraved in my heart. But I grew into a woman and my freedom was restricted and a chorus began. The chorus which says “you can’t go to the gym because that’s not for girls !” and “why do you want to improve your body if nobody is ever going to see it ?”

Strength of mind

These were ideas which affected me deeply and were about to leave indelible scars when, after moving to Spain, I was on the point of abandoning all my dreams and ambitions for an unhealthy suffocating relationship. And then, I realized, that the greatest strength of any person, isn’t in their muscles, but rather in their mind. It’s in their ability to create a vision and to sweat out the journey in turning that vision into a reality. In their desire to live their best life.

The Challenge and the journey

I started from zero and I worked hard and I overcame challenges until I got a position with an Italian multinational company. The perfect job, but a worn out Wafa. What was missing ? What did I need ? I needed to reconcile myself with my body, with my dreams, with my passion, with my sport. That’s how the transformation of my life really began; training, learning, failing, getting back up, more training, experience, talent and desire. I was left with a great desire to share with other people what I had learned, the journey I had experienced

My method

And that’s my method. One of overcoming obstacles, going through the real experience of work and consistency. The physical, but also emotional results of looking after the body together with the mind and the heart. The excitement experienced is so contagious, that it has become the most effective methodology. That’s right, I train using the excitement and hope of those who choose me to help them achieve their goals.

Would you like to talk some more?

Would you like to know some more about what I’m like,? how I work ? And why I want to share all this with you ?

Contact me without any commitment and we can have coffee.