Yes We Wafa.

You can get there because you want it. Leave the ‘how’ to me.


I’m Wafa

I can change people’s lives because first, I changed my own.
Sport isn’t the best thing to be passionate about when you’re a woman from Morrocco.
The personal experience of having achieved professional status in my chosen  field , means I can motivate you to great results.
Without challenges, there’s nothing to overcome. That’s why I want to help you strengthen your body, by first strengthening your mind. The best Fitness journey starts with a coffee.


Wafa method

Train consistency and wellbeing.

Because if you don’t enjoy it and you don’t see results, you’ll give up !


What’s going on with you ?

/ Analysis session

I can’t offer a 100 % personal service, tailored especially to you andyour needs if I don’t put this into practice from the beginning


 What do you want to achieve ?

/ Defining objectives

What are your goals ? There are no limits. Be whatever you want to be. Imagine where you’d like to be.


Where do we start ?

/ Create a routine

The excitement of good intentions isn’t enough. I’ll help you acquire healthier habits in your day to day life.


 And then what ?

/ Training and Nutrition

We will design an individual nutrition and training plan, 100 % tailored to your needs.


 Demotivated ?

/ Custom tracking

I maintain personal contact with you, your progress and your feelings about the plan. This is the strongest aspect influencing the guarantee of success of what I offer.


 Congratulations !

/ Maintenance

Join the WAFA community. Keep enjoying exercise and training in Group sessions

Lydia García 43 years old, Sales representative

They say that there’s a fine line between love and hate, but with Wafa that’s not the case.
At first, when you start, you’ll feel that it will be impossible to keep going and you might hate everything related to exercise.
But that’s exactly Wafa’s strength. As well as knowing what you need, she knows exactly what to do and what to say to help you achieve it. This is possible because, as well as being a great professional, Wafa is a brilliant and sincere person. If you have a dream, she’ll help you to achieve it


Manuel Nuñez,45 years old, Manager

In my case, I have to admit that I led a sedentary lifestyle. Many hours in the office and little exercise accompanied by a diet which wasn’t altogether healthy.
Basically, I had all the characteristics required to become a typical 40-something who had abandoned his physical health because it wasn’t required in my day to day working life.
But it’s never too late to discover that everybody can achieve what they want, even though at the beginning, it’s difficult to imagine what might be possible.
A training plan with Wafa has changed my life in every sense.



I’d like to share my healthy lifestyle with you and show you everything I know about training and motivation.